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Fendi Nano Fendigraphy

We wanted to pay homage to the historic Fendi brand, but above all to the iconic Nano Fendigraphy, with an animation that highlights its elegance, luxury and attention to detail, and incorporating shapes and elements inspired by the FENDI Casa line into the scene. The animation is in a vertical format, specifically targeted to Instagram Reels.
Still frames from the animation

Brief and Process

The Client Brief has been simulated in order to shape the animation. Not actual client work.
The Nano Fendigraphy small bag has been modeled from scratch in Cinema4D with the use of photo references.
Fendi Nano Fendigraphy photo references.
The animation has been studied on paper with the drafting of a rough storyboard, which was quickly translated into few different Animatic versions, until reaching the desired timings and feelings.
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